Assess the Argument That State Policy Has Largely Failed to Protect the Institution of the Family Essay

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Assess the argument that state policy has largely failed to protect the institution of the family I think that state policy although appears to benefit people with families and their families; it is not always the case. An example of how state policy does not protect the institution is the Divorce Law Act. This act allows for a quicker, cheaper way of getting a divorce and allows divorce to be obtained much easier. This does not protect the institution of family because before this act came into place most people would try to work out the problems within their marriage because divorce was a long and expensive process. However, with the new act and its simplicity people are no longer trying to fix their marriages and are just getting divorced which leads to the breakdowns of many family units. For example, the divorce rate increased by 5% between 2009 and 2010. This can have terrible effects upon the family in particular any children the couple may share because a parents’ divorce can be an upsetting time and some children find it very difficult to handle. It can also affect the family because not all divorces are civil and it can leave the couple having bad relations and in custody battles the children can be deeply affected because in some cases only one parent has custody and they don’t allow the children to see the other parent therefore depriving them of a treasured bond within their life. The child benefit act also affects the institution of family. A child has two parents and if the parents are separated then the parent who takes care of the child full time receives payment from the government for the child’s care. This is almost an encouragement of couples with children to separate because they will receive more money if they do. In some cases this act is the cause of breakups because sometimes people care more about the money than they do about each other

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