World War I interactions

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World War I interaction The interactions during World War I were in three major categories. The first category was battles. The second category was diplomacy, and the third category was countries' problems during the war. From the start of the war the interaction was physical such as the assassination of the Archduke of Austria. This triggered WWI and led to further violence and unrest among several other countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Austria – Hungary Empire and Italy. There were several important Battles during World War I and these battles fall under the first category. All of these interactions in Europe during World War I were diplomatic, related to the military and problems of countries during the war. Diplomacy determined how battles were fought and how other military interactions happened. Military interactions were based on the technology such as trench warfare, submarines, airplanes and tanks. The three categories mentioned above controlled these interactions because each category was responsible for the interactions. For example diplomacy controlled what countries participated in the war and who those countries fought. Battles for example are an obvious interaction to which side is winning. Governments of countries for example often had to keep their peoples under control participating in the war and having mixed feelings/ opinions of the war. As front lines are filled with trenches interactions in this case refer to several things such as gunfire, bombing, and shouting of orders. These examples fall under the first category of Battles and are either physical or verbal. Throughout the war, diplomacy was an advantage to the allies. For example when faced with heavy casualties and problems at home, Russia withdrew from the war and instead the United States entered brining much needed support and troops to help win the war.
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