How Does Discipline Affect Your Child

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HOW DOES DISCIPLINE AFFECT YOUR CHILD’S BEHAVIOR? 2 How Does Discipline Affect Your Child’s Behavior? How does discipline affect a child’s behavior? Research has shown that there are many ways to punish a child for their transgressions. I have researched four different forms of consequences. Physical punishments which researches have shown does more harm than good. A natural consequence requires no form of punishment from an adult. Logical consequences inferring you do the crime you do the time. Then there is the time out parenting which in a very mild form of punishment. We as parents want to raise healthy, happy and thriving children, so that they can become productive citizens one day. In my research I have looked at several different forms of punishments and also how our own behavior as the parent/adult role model can influence these children’s futures. As a parent we want what is best for our kids. We also at times just want them to be little robots and just follow every command we give them, but that’s not reality. Every adult in life experiences stressful situations. It’s how we handle those situations that make the difference. We are role models for our children. If they see us lashing out and handling stress with anger and yelling not only can that scare the child, but it also is teaching them a negative and aggressive way to handle stress. In some cases the child also sees themselves as the stress and is more likely to feel unloved. Dysfunctional families create dysfunctional children. If we handle stress with positivity they are more likely to mirror that positive image and know that stress does not change their parents love for them. (Erickson, 2010) Children can be strong willed and very stubborn at times and how we punish them for their misbehaviors can affect them in their future relationships.

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