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Behavioral Support Plans Yoshiko Butler ECE 201 Maya Raimondi August 20, 2012 Behavioral Support Plans Many children are disruptive due to lack of behavioral control. Most negative behaviors are a cry for help. Controlling a child’s behavior benefits everyone including themselves. Many factors contribute to a child’s behavior such as environment, relationships, and bullying. The way a child acts serves as a purpose. “The functional assessment reveals the purpose of the challenging behavior by focusing on the environment immediately surrounding it” (Rasminsky, 2012, p 201). People in the child’s environment impact them, as well as changes in routine, or being in a strange place. Children…show more content…
Having dead grass, bars on windows, trash everywhere and having graffiti will make this an undesirable place to live. It would not cost much to live in a neighborhood like this so low income families will occupy it. The same idea is used for classrooms. Making sure to have adequate space for the amount of children, enough toys, and making sure the layout prevents confrontations. It is also important to have the right materials for teaching and making sure everything is developmentally appropriate. Do not lay out a broken ball for the children to play with and expect them to be happy or not fight about it. Make sure that all the material in the classroom has a home and it is clearly marked for children to see to encourage clean up and independence. "When you’ve finished arranging everything, you should be able to survey the whole room from anywhere you stand. If all the children can see you, your very visibility will deter challenging behavior; if you can see all the children, you’ll be well situated to detect early triggers and head off challenging behavior before it starts" (Rasminsky, 2012, p 153). Being able to see all the children is very important as well, if something bad were to happen, you need to be able to witness it. Space affects everybody, including the…show more content…
Learning about the different types of ethnic groups in the class and what disabilities they possess will help create a lesson plan. If a student lacking in fine motor skills than you can offer a play center allowing them to practice their fine motor skills. An example is having students pick up a small object with tweezers, like popcorn kernels or small beads. There are many resources to create a diverse atmosphere. "Children with challenging behavior and children with disabilities may have strengths in more neglected intelligences—music, art, physical movement, computers, for example. This approach allows them to develop and showcase their unique abilities" (Rasminsky, 2012, p 168). Children emotionally respond the environment they are in. Everybody desires respect, praises, and strong relationships-children are no different. Children must have a role model, most of the time is the teacher or family, but if they are not able to supply the demands than the child may look up to a trouble maker. It is important to always look for the good in a child and praise them for positive accomplishments even if they have misbehaving

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