Level 3 Chidren and Young Peoples Workforce Unit 11

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Unit 11 1 + 2 Duty of care It is our responsibility to make sure all the children are in a safe environment and are being looked after well at all times. We should all be seeing the potential dangers of things and making sure we abide by the national standards. All members of staff should communicate with each other at all times to prevent any miss-communication. Duty of care safeguards children by protecting them from anything that may cause them harm either through accidents or even spreading infections, you must make sure you set clear boundaries for children’s behaviour. I make sure I go by all these in my work role so I know I’m safeguarding the children to the best of my ability. Observing and assessing children’s development is essential so you are alert to anything that is not expected of that child at their development, we should also keep parents/careers up to date. Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals by protecting them from any harm weather it’s physical or psychological. IN our nursery we safeguard children by * Setting clear boundaries for children’s behaviour and using strategies to discourage behaviour which could harm others. We do this according to their developmental stage. * Understanding the signs of abuse and being aware of what appropriate procedures to take if abuse is suspected. * Carrying out risk assessments to avoid hazards which could harm children There are times when we work with children that an individual’s rights conflict which another principle. A balanced approach has to be taken in deciding the greater priority in certain circumstances. All children have rights and also the parents have rights. The children Act 1989 made clear that the welfare of the child is the paramount, and law often gives priority to children’s rights, overriding

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