Arguments For Designer Babies

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1 Sample Research Paper #1: “Designer” Babies A couple just got married. Hooray! The couple has been saving up some money for a new car. They have saved up enough money, and today is the day that they will make their first big purchase as a married couple. They head on over to the Pontiac dealer and begin looking around the lot. The couple spots a brand new Grand Prix. They really like the car, but it simply is not the color they are looking for, and it is lacking some of the accessories and features that might be nice to have. A car salesman approaches the couple to see if they could use any assistance. They express to the salesman that they are interested in the Grand Prix, but they were hoping for a different color and possibly some additional…show more content…
The genetic makeup of the baby would be changed so that the child could be born free of any genetic diseases. The prayers of some couples would be answered; giving them the chance to create a healthy child that they could call their own. Supporters of designer babies also claim that IVF and PGD are used to do what is best for the child. Often times parents try to mold their children into what they think will make them the most successful, and now parents would conveniently be able to do that molding before the child is even born. They would assert that they are doing what any child would want. What child wouldn’t want to be smarter, healthier, and better looking? The parents know what is best for the child, and they simply are trying to start their children off in this world with the best opportunity to have a successful life. The use of reproductive technology would save children from suffering, and reduce the overall cost and emotional strain of looking after a sick child (Bionet par.6 ). Looking after a disease stricken child would become time consuming and exhausting after a while, and all…show more content…
Parents may be able to designate the intelligence, athletic ability, musical talent, and even personality type of their children. The parents who are fortunate enough to be able to afford these reproductive techniques will be able to give their children an edge in becoming what is considered successful in our society. Success will become easier to obtain. It is feared that a form of super humans will be created that look down on those who are not genetically enhanced (Bionet par.3). There will be a new breed of people, those who are not genetically enhanced, who will be discriminated against. It is not hard believe that the mainstream religions in our country are going to have a strong opinion on such a controversial issue like designer babies. The main argument that Christianity brought up was that the misuse of designer babies would result in humans losing their specialness. According to the Christian view point, what makes humans special is that we can limit ourselves, to recognize that something may be perfectly understandable and yet be wrong (McKibben 26). Bill McKibben writes in his article “Design-a-kid” that “The choices we face, in fact, will settle this question on specialness once and for all. If we cannot summon our ability to use self-restraint, or if it proves to be weak, we will leave our specialness behind forever.” The fear is that if we escape our limits we will ultimately become —

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