Cja 314 Domestic Violence Research Paper

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Policy Issues Submitted By Jaclyn M. Peluso March 23, 2015 Submitted To Darrell Cook CJA/314 Faculty University of Phoenix Intimate partner violence (IPV), better known as domestic violence (DV), affects many children in the United States. The overall effects on children who are witnesses to physical, mental, and sexual abuse are damaging to their well-being. For example, exposure to domestic violence affects a child’s physical health, behaviors including social and emotional outbursts, brain function and, neurobiological and relational development. It is important to understand how domestic violence affects children residing in an unstable environment. This paper will discuss domestic violence and its effects on children…show more content…
When the child realizes that this type of behavior is wrong and unacceptable, those internal feelings of violation never fade. Children that come from abusive homes often go to school or child care without showing any signs of abuse or neglect; perhaps living with the fear that if they “tell”, it will anger both the parents if their family secret is revealed, which could lead to more abuse inside the home. Children with ages ranging from infancy to adolescence have a tendency to feel lost or vulnerable. These kids strive for attention in negative ways, as well as seeking an approval from others by any means necessary. For example, “The emotional responses of children who witness domestic violence may include fear, guilt, shame, sleep disturbances, sadness, depression, and anger (Domestic Violence Round Table, 2015).” It is evidently clear that children who come from abusive families may incur problems later in life as they establish and build personal and private relationships. For example, children that are exposed to their mother who is verbally, physically, or sexually abused may develop problematic relationships because of experienced aggression. This aggression may be taken out on peers, or even their own mother. When a child continuously is a witness in seeing their mother abused in any way, chances are they may display or express…show more content…
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