Ethical Controversy Over Assisted Suicide

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Word Count: 872 Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you went to the doctor over some illness, and to your disbelief, the doctor tells you that you have six months to live? Too many Americans experience this exact scenario every day. In Oregon, Washington, and now Vermont, these people would be able to choose whether they live or die through what is known as the death with dignity laws. But for many others, they will have to wait till it’s their time. Assisted suicide and euthanasia has been a very controversial subject, with it comes many moral and ethical debates on what is right and wrong. Hospice palliative care is a standard system used to care for individuals who have been diagnosed with a life ending, or life limiting…show more content…
Many argue that a person can’t demonstrate practical rationality when they request to die. This is considered to be an irrational thought and not one to determine life or death upon (Wittwer, 2013, pp. 419-427). Another concern is the financial burden one might inherently pass on to their loved ones due to the high medical expenses that are associated with treatment (Cook, 2014, pp. 26-29). Others have objected to these laws because of uncertainty. Many people are wrongfully diagnosed and it is impossible to know exactly how long someone will live after being diagnosed with a terminal illness (LifeMediaMatters, 2014). Many cases have been documented when someone has received a terminal diagnosis and lived on to lead a prolonged life. Many…show more content…
To some it will be the most compassionate answer. To others it will be the ultimate sin. So you must ask yourself, does the benefits of assisted suicide outweigh the multitude of consequences. Bibliography Cook, M. (2014, 09). Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Issues, 108, 26-29. Retrieved from "Death With Dignity" Makes Gains In Massachusetts - Life Matters Media. (2014, March 29). Retrieved January 21, 2015, from Eckholm, E. (2014, February 7). ‘Aid in Dying’ Movement Takes Hold in Some States. Retrieved January 21, 2015, from Minnesota Department of Health. (n.d.). Retrieved January 21, 2015, from Wittwer, H. (2013). The problem of the possible rationality of suicide and the ethics of physician-assisted suicide. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 36(5-6),

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