Parental Substance Abuse and the Effects on Children

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Parental Substance Abuse and the Effects on Children Parental Substance Abuse and the Effects on Children I. Introduction a. The instability of a home where there is parental substance abuse. b. Parents need to be aware of how their actions affect their children, especially when it comes to substance abuse. II. Parental substance abuse can have significant effects on their children. c. It affects children emotionally. d. It affects children physically. e. It affects children socially. III. Parents may not realize they are neglecting their children? f. Parents can create environmental neglect. g. Parents can create emotional neglect. h. Parents can create educational neglect. IV. How to cope with having a substance abuser as a parent. i. Children should not blame themselves for their parent’s addiction. j. Children can attend Ala-Teen meeting or call a hotline for support. k. Children should educate themselves on their parent’s addiction. V. Conclusion: Parents need to step up and realize they are creating a roadmap of sadness and uncertainty for their children. In families where alcohol or other drugs are being abused, behavior can range from loving to withdrawn to crazy and can be frequently unpredictable and communication can often be unclear. Family life can be characterized as chaotic and uncertain. Structure and rules may be either nonexistent or inconsistent. Children, who may not understand that their parent’s behavior and mood is determined by the amount of alcohol or other drugs in their bloodstream, can feel confused and insecure. They love their parents and worry about them, and yet feel angry and hurt that their parents do not love
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