The Relation Between Child and Parent Anxiety and Parental Control

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Judd 1 Research Review: The relation between child and parent anxiety and parental control: a meta-analytic review Child social anxiety is an important subject looked at throughout the psychology world, and many psychologists wonder if parents have anything to do with it. One of the main questions researchers have been asking is if parental control has any relationship with child anxieties. Researchers van der Bruggen, Stams, and Bogels (2008) have decided to go deeper than just researching about the typical correlation between parental control and child anxiety, but to look at the impact parents have on their child because of a parents own anxieties and the amount of control they show towards their child by using a meta-analytic approach. They also took in the considerations of gender differences, socio economic status, and age in children. Many parents around the world do not understand that it is not healthy to over control their children. Parents should put minimal pressures on their children to be exactly the way they want their children to behave, because if they do not, there is a greater chance that their child may develop social anxiety. In many cases the children who end up developing a social anxiety is because their parents made their child believe they are at a great deal of threat, and cannot protect themselves if threatened (Bruggen, Stams, & Bogels 2008). They also were not allowing their child to explore new experiences. The researchers also believe that parents that have a Judd 2 child with a social disturbance try to put more pressure on them to not behave like that, which in most cases results in just progressing the disturbance. The researchers questioning if parental social anxieties had any influence on their parental control led them to discover new possibilities about child social anxieties. For example, only a small amount of

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