Creation of a Perfect Human

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Anthropology Essay The creation of a perfect human should not be the goal of humanity. There are many reasons that prove that this statement is correct. The main reasons that show this are that creation the perfect human could be harmful for the future species of man kind, the perfect human could be very well impossible to find and make, and finally that before the perfect human would be made, the world would need to fix problems it already has. Creating the perfect human could do more damage to the human race than it could do good. Scientists are finding ways to figure out more and more about children before they are born, such as the sex of the child or whether or not the child is diseased with a mental disability. The issue with this is that many parents are finding out the child is mentally challenged or the child is the opposite sex as they wanted, the parents are opting to abort the baby. Scientists have also found away to find the errors pre-born babies, and are now able to fix it. The problem is that by interfering with the babies before they are born could cause complications and affect the child in a poor way in the future. If you were to leave the issue alone no babies could be risked to be harmed or risk being aborted by their parents solely based on their gender. If research were to continue like this it would not be soon until scientists and doctors find ways to learn more about the child before their gone, like there personality, which would cause even more damage as people would be more likely to abort the child unless its exactly to their liking The second reason that the creation of the perfect human should not be the goal of humanity is that this may be impossible to find. People have so many different perspectives on the word perfect, so no human could be perfect in every body’s eyes. The biggest example of this is Hitler. Hitler thought
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