Divorce Effects on Children

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The Effects of Divorce on Children Terry Means Palm Beach State College Author Note This paper was prepared for Human Growth and Development, DEP2004, taught by Dr. Michael Miles. The Effects of Divorce on Children Introduction Divorce relates to a life-transforming experience that affects children once it occurs. The impact is significant and psychologists advise parents considering divorce to assess and consider the impact that divorce presents to their children. It is therefore evident that any effect on the life of the parents impacts the children, either temporary or in the long-run. Some parents remain unaware of the impacts of divorce among children aged zero to three years or infants (Levin, 2013). The parents normally attribute the lack of effects as a result of failure to understand matters yet the children at that age become affected equally. The effects occur on children of varying ages starting from infants to toddlers to pre-scholars and eventually on to adolescents. The significance of the effects is mostly evidenced through the change of children’s behavior, which varies with age. The paper therefore examines the overall effects of divorce among children of different age. Zero to Three Years Children during the age of zero to three years face psychological issues when their parents’ divorce. Parents often think that infants are less or never affected by divorce yet the infants still possess the capability of feeling tension that is found in the home despite failing to understand the reasoning leading to the conflict. Once a child is born, the child requires security that mostly results from their primary caretaker that is usually the mother. Keeping the child away from the primary caretaker for periods longer than usual often makes the young child mourn. The effect of early

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