Homeschool vs Public Education

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Homeschooling VS. Public Education Parents and teachers have many different opinions when it comes to which form of education is most effective. There has been a lot of research done to support both sides of this argument. After years of research it seems there are many pros and cons when comparing homeschooling and public education. Many parents that choose to homeschool their children do so because they believe that public schools would expose them to drugs, violence and a lack of religious teachings. Homeschooling also offers parents the opportunity to spend more time focusing on subjects they feel their child needs improvement on. Not only are they able to put more importance on certain subjects, but it also opens windows for exposure to a variety of activities that public education may not provide. In adolescence children seem to be more susceptible to peer pressure. This pressure can often lead to not only drug use and violence, but sexual activity as well. With high teen pregnancy rates, the lack of social exposure with homeschooling appeals to concerned parents. With a more controlled environment, and parents able to monitor their children’s activities it brings a sense of security. School administration as well as teachers disagree and argue that children who are homeschooled are not getting proper social exposure or education. Teachers feel that some parents lack the proper credentials to educate their children. Since there are no education requirements for those who choose to homeschool their children, this is a legitimate concern. Public schools are made up of students separated by demographics. These areas may have a mixture of high and low income families. Without the option of which public school your child attends, parents are sometimes concerned with the typically higher crime rates mixed in these areas. Given the many pros and cons of
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