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Parenting Styles effect Children Holly Marie Gaburick Lifespan Development November 16, 2012 Katherine Albach Parenting Styles affect Children Parents want their children to develop into socially mature individuals. Raising a child can be frustrating to determine what type of parenting style to use. Parents can use four different styles in raising a child. Authoritarian parents are controlling like a dictator. Authoritative style is less controlling more nurturing. Permissive parents appear to be neglectful and uncaring. Each of these parenting styles has an effect on a child’s emotional and social development. Parenting Styles can be influenced by bidirectional child relations. The child’s behaviors have an influence on the way a parent choses his or her style just as a parent’s style has a direct influence on the child. An authoritarian parenting style is a unidirectional relationship. The parent uses high control and display little warmth. Parents lay down the rules and expect the child to follow rules without questions. This parenting style does not take the childs needs or wishes into consideration. The parent believes there is no need to explain any rules or why to the child. This type of parenting makes the child known to be unhappy or withdrawn. According to Bukatko (2008), the coercive techniques for controlling behavior, is associated with less advanced moral reasoning and less prosocial behaviors, lower self-esteem, and poorer adjustment when starting school. The coercive techniques are associated with higher levels of aggression and poor peer relations (p. 345) Permissive parents offer less warmth to the child and little parental control. The child’s behavior is acceptable and infrequently punished. He or she does what they want without consequences. The parent is uninvolved,neglectful, has no parental commitment or

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