Divorce Among Black College Students Essay

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The Affects of Divorce Among Black College Students Divorce is the legal and final dissolution of a marriage. There are a variety of reasons why people make the decision to divorce. Therapists mention problems with couples growing apart, feeling unloved and unappreciated, and troubles with finances as the top reasons for divorce. Divorce is something that affects most Americans directly or indirectly. Children are affected by the divorce more if the parents have custody hearings or move away from each other. The decision to terminate an unhappy marriage through obtaining a divorce is almost never an easy decision. It is usually reached only after other options and alternatives have been carefully considered and then rejected as non-viable…show more content…
They are actually three times more likely than teens with married parents. Children do not need to be aware of the financial hardships either parent is going through. Young children should not be worried about college tuition because of their parents always making it sound impossible. They do not need to understand what child support is or why they are getting child support. This can be damaging to a child because they feel as though one parent is paying the other to keep them. This is usually interpreted negatively. No matter how bad the situation is, if the child is not exposed to the financial distress of the parents, they will not be affected. Children that have no contact with one of their parents, usually suffer the most. Children whose parents divorce will be more likely to be isolated and antisocial than sociable and integrate. If there is no contact with one of the parents, the child misses out on that parent’s knowledge and skills. This is a big loss to the child especially if the only parent in their life has a serious lack in parental

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