How Can Communication Affect Relationships in the Work Place?

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How can communication affect relationships in the work place? Practitioners needs to communicate with their colleagues, parents and other professionals in order to achieve effective practice, it is essential to build good relationships with a range of people. Practitioners who have good communication skills tend to have good relationships with children, parents and other adults. Relationships are built on body language, facial expressions and the way people listen and talk to others. To work effectively we have to communicate information, this will include information such as how the child is feeling, what kind of day they have had, what their play interests are or information regarding their health, referring them to outside agencies like speech therapists. The sharing and gaining of information is a feature of our work with children, parents colleagues and others. When a child is new to a setting, the ‘settling in’ period is particularly hard and distressing for them. Practitioners need to think of ways to build a relationship with them, for this communication is key. It is also a very hard time for parents leaving their children with us, we must also use our excellent communication skills in to build relationships with them so they have confidence and trust in us. When children feel relaxed they are more likely to settle and want to explore and play, this occurs when they have strong relationships with the adults around them. They benefit more when practitioners communicate effectively to build their vocabulary, develop the understanding of concepts and express their ideas during play. Children will experience the ‘settling in’ period several times in their lives as they move from one setting to another throughout their education. These transitions are a lot easier when adults involved share the appropriate information effectively and have good working

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