How Effective Communication Affects All Aspects of Your Work

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How effective communication affects all aspects of your work There are many different aspects within the job role that require good, effective communication to enable the job role to work and to develop the role as a practitioner working with children. The person communicating must send the right message but must also ensure that it is being received and understood correctly by the other person; therefore it is a two-way process. There can be talking/verbal communication and non-talking/non-verbal communication. To communicate effectively you must: * Be extremely clear about what you want to say * Be sure that the other person is understanding what you are saying to them * Try and consider the other child/adult’s point of view as well * Have a rapport with the child/adult that you are communicating with The clearer the information given, the more likely that it is that the other person will understand your point of view. If unsure on the best way to communicate, support should always be given as it’s not always easy. The benefits of effective communication There are three major aspects of your work that will benefit from effective communication: * Your relationship with the children * Your relationship with colleagues * Your relationship with parents Effective communication | Benefits | With children: * Talk at their level maintaining contact * Give them time to absorb what you are saying * Encourage them to repeat what you have said * Use open-ended questions * Try to understand their point of view * Always use age-appropriate language * Be consistent * Use pictorial communication e.g. visual timetabling * Use positive body language * Ensure that you always show respect in the manner you talk and where you talk * When talking in a group, make sure that it is in an appropriate size and at a time
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