Shc31 Level 3

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SHC 31: Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. Unit reference: J/601/1434 1. Identify the different reasons people communicate. The different reasons we communicate are to share and gain information with the children in our care, their parents / carers and other professionals we may have contact with throughout the child’s placement. We have to be able to share our experiences and mistakes so as we can learn from each other. To be able to care for the child we must not only build a relationship with them but also with their parents / carers and others in their family, we have to be able to maintain this relationship as well, this can be done daily by simple gestures such as waving hand for hello or goodbye, listening and taking interest in what the child or others have to say. Through communication we are able to reassure and comfort each other, express what our needs are and help others with their needs, guide each other and try to help resolve conflicts or disagreements. Through communication we can show our love for one another. 2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting? To be able to care for a child in an effective way we must have a good, strong relationship with the child, their parents / carers and other professionals that may be connected to the child. This relationship is made stronger by the way in which we communicate and how good our communication is with each other. Some ways that relationships and communication are of importance in the early years are : Sharing & Gaining Information, Settling In / Establish New Relationship’s, Supporting children’s play & learning, Transitions. We have to be able to share and gain information from one another this may be about the child’s daily routine, what their interests are, if they have any medical or health
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