Introduction to Communication in Heealth, Social Care or Children's and Young People's Setting

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SCH21: Introduction to communication health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting. 1. Understand why communication is important in the work setting 1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate. Communication is giving and taking information thru verbal or nonverbal. We can say that from the womb communication between the mother and the child started. Why do we need to communicate? We need to communicate to give information. We can give information to our learners. We communicate to parents in order to provide information about the child progress and behavior. We communicate with our colleague to receive information. We gathered information from our colleague to enhance our teaching. We communicate to share a message which others will get benefit from it. With the help of some the nurse and doctor thru proper communication we get information about the child health conditions. When we give instruction to the child we communicate with them. Child can do the task better if the instruction is clear to them. Directing someone on what she has to do and where she/he will go also requires proper communication. In order that we can make people understand our views and opinions we need a clear and vivid explanation. When we explain something communication takes place. When we want to express our needs we are communicating with others. Like a child he cried to express if he was hungry or nappy is wet and heavy. We communicate when we want to develop learning. Communication is very much important in developing learning among our children. Verbal or non-verbal communication helps the learner to develop a certain skills. Communication is a basic process to understand each other and helps to build a harmonious relationship towards a group of people. 1. 2. Explain how effective communication affects
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