Homecoming And Prom: The Differences

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Destiny Buck Clapper Fundamentals of English October 6, 2011 Homecoming and Prom: The Differences In high school every student remembers two dances: homecoming and prom. But both events have some differences, which include activities, prices, drive to have a date, and who attends. For homecoming students of every grade in high school are allowed to attend; however, at prom usually only juniors and seniors are allowed to attend. Also, the cost that each individual spends at each function is completely different. At homecoming the students do not spend as much money on outfits, limos, dinner, and all the other expenses. Whereas at prom, students spend even more because it is a very memorable event. Therefore, the activities at both are completely different. The students do not receive the luxury of activities for homecoming, whereas at prom the students can attend a function at the end of prom which is known as “after prom.” During “after prom” the students can hangout with friends, play games, eat, and other various activities. Students, of all grades in high school are usually allowed to attend this function whether they went to prom or not. Finally, the drive an individual feels to have a date is extremely different for both dances. For homecoming students can attend with a date, friends, or alone and feel comfortable; however, at prom one feels the need to have a date because the hype for prom is much greater than that of homecoming. Prom is more important to students because they will carry the memories made that night for the rest of their lives. Likewise, both functions are equally alike, but what sets them apart is what makes each dance their own. On the other hand, these differences also allow the students and parents feel the excitement of both
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