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High School Cliques Entering high school is one of the most frightening times in a young person’s life. One of every young person’s worry going into high school, is “will I fit in?” You wonder if you will have to eat lunch alone, walk the hall ways alone, or blend in and be accepted. As far back as history has noted cliques are divided into three types of groups. The popular/jock type kids, the nerdy, glass wearing, pocket protector type and the average kid who accepts and blends with all. Although God created us all equal that is far from how your peer groups accept one another. There would be less teen suicides if each group simply accepted each other and their differences, not alienated each other. Some believe high school cliques can be demeaning and cause lifelong trauma to one’s self esteem. The popular group of kids is made up of the jocks, cheerleaders, and designer dressing young people who normally walk around thinking that grade’s and other people’s feelings does not matter. This group is usually your more attractive, stylish, snobbish group. This group normally participates and excels in sports and clubs within high school, thinking that academics are not an important aspect of high school expecting to attend college on an athletic scholarship with colleges passing them through because of excelling in sports. The nerdy, geek group of kids are typically made up of the more intelligent, reading type of individuals who seek solace from within their self. This group is the one that most of your jocks and cheerleaders run to when they are in need of tutoring or a paper written. Your popular group otherwise has no association with them. The nerdy group will normally focus on achieving academic excellence and good choices to ensure that college scholarship are awarded to them and acceptance into college. Most of the popular group have their

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