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History of Police 1 History of Police Geraldine E. Burch-Mack CJA/214 18 NOV 12 Michael Daniels History of Police 2 Sir Robert Peel on American policing In the 1800s Sir Robert Peel was in search for a police force that would protection citizens, enforce laws, and fight crime. Peel established the Metropolitan Police force around 1829; even though the force was not well- known they were the first to prove a very successful crime decrease in London. In 1857 cities in the UK had to form their own police departments, using Peel’s successful ideas and nine principles. For peels heroic act there are police departments across the nation today enforcing laws, protecting, and serving citizen, and apprehend offenders. Sir Robert Peel has provided solutions to the abuse and mistreat of people, and evidence of society, his plan may not fixes all the crime problems but has contribute so much more prevention over the years especial with his nine principles. Peel argued that crime would go down by having crime prevention a part of the focus for social, Peel came up with nine principles that have made a better law enforcement and are a part of policing today. His first principle states basic reason for police force to prevent crime. Second principle police must secure the willing cooperation of the communities to obey laws in order and gain respect of the public. Third police must have the public’s approval to be effective. Fourth principle under certain circumstances public will decline the use of force. Fifth principle police are members of the public with authority and official duty to secure the welfare of the public. Sixth principles police must secure the public by impartial services to the laws. Seventh principle force should only happen after all other means have been

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