Police Brutality: The Use Of Excessive Force

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Police Brutality: The Use of Excessive Force Angelice Dollson CRJ–422 Criminal Justice Capstone Robert Jackson March 7, 2011 The police officers are to protect and serve the public and communities’ with their best interest at heart. Members of law enforcement are government officials that impose the laws and preserve order. There are occasions, when the police officers are engaged in a dangerous and stressful call of duty that can involve violent situations that must be controlled. We as citizens value law and order, we do not want to see our streets run by criminals who terrorize people who abide the law and we as citizens created police departments to prevent law and order not to join in with the criminals. We all decide d that police officers should have the ability to use force, but not in all situations. It is best said by John Anderson, “The difference between the quasi-military and the civilian police officer should never have enemies. Individuals may be criminals as well as, have a violent streak, but they are not enemies that should be ruined. Once that kind of language gets into the vocabulary, it begins to change attitudes.”(Anderson 1985). We as citizens of the United States ask the question is justice created equally and is justice for all? I will begin giving my point of view on justice as I do know everyone have their own view on justice and we can go back and forth with answer, but we really will not be able to define justice as it is differently view by everyone own opinion. If we are requested to define the word justice, I believer everyone would feel it would be quality of being just or merely fair. So, we need to look at police brutality in the same sense as being just or merely fair to everyone regardless of their ethnic background, their finances, and/or the areas they live. The challenge today that we face with Criminal

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