Crime Vs Incarceration Essay

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I. Introduction a. Audience hook: The 1980s and 1990s saw the highest rates of violent crime in U.S. history. Statistics show that current practices that focus on incarcerating youth offenders as adults are not effective in reducing crime. b. Thesis statement: Legislation should focus on education and prevention since both methods are more effective than incarceration for youth offenders. c. Main points: i. Current practices of treating youth offenders as adults are not effective. ii. Treating youth offenders at the community level with education is a more effective way to reduce violent crime. II. Current legislation about youth and violent crime focuses on jailing gang members, but this is not the root cause. Show visual aid (Greene & Pranis, 2007).…show more content…
The justice system can give young people the opportunity to make the right decisions for themselves, their communities, and their futures. 2 Scripted Audience Questions Question: Why would people want to fund education for criminals? Answer: The Justice Policy Institute did a study and found that the return for every dollar spent on incarceration was $.37, but the return for every dollar invested in treatment programs can be up to $18. Taxpayers and society will see a much greater return on the money they spend (Ziedenberg, 2006). Question: Are there any organizations that are currently working toward measures like this? Answer: Many local governments and local non-profits are doing work that addresses prevention at the community level. However, legislation at the federal level focuses on gangs and gang suppression. There is a bill proposed in the House and the Senate called the Youth Promise Act that focuses on capacity-building for organizations doing this work. It helps provide for communities that are addressing youth violent issues, giving them grant money and helping them understand best practices (Youth Promise Act, 2010). 3
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