Essay On Attitudes And Lifestyle

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The effect attitudes and lifestyles have on one’s health In the world today, many people are suffering from deadly illnesses and diseases that can’t be cured. Some people that are suffering from these illnesses are not able to get the help or treatment needed because they can’t afford it. Some doctors are now starting to believe that people make themselves sick with their attitudes and lifestyles. They believe that people with good attitudes and lifestyles are most likely to have good health and those with bad attitudes and lifestyles most likely have bad health. I agree with these doctors because the way we live and treat our bodies has a great impact on our health and well being. Every physical problem we have, we create ourselves. We would like to think that…show more content…
No, it's because we are violating natural laws. We think we can dump anything we want into this body and when it breaks down we can run to a medical doctor and he will give us some miracle drug and make us well. We all know it doesn't work that way. People can avoid getting sick if they change their attitudes and lifestyles. Health promotion is an essential element in encouraging better health. We need a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins to sustain a healthy body. People influence their own health through their attitudes and lifestyles. A major part of our lives concerns our attitudes toward our health. Our attitudes have a big affect on their health. The way people can influence their health through their attitudes is by eating the right things and exercising daily. Eating poorly and not exercising causes a lack of energy, lost of interest, and a bad attitude. If people don’t have the right attitudes toward their body then it will show through their health. According to Ellen Idler, PhD, attitudes are very important and “a fatalistic attitude can encourage a person to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle”(qtd. In Woolston “Why is attitude so important”).
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