Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health & Social Care

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Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health & Social Care – Task B part 2 – your work role Bvi Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided. There are many things that I do that contribute to the overall delivery of the service provider, for example I provide the best possible care I can give to the service users & families of those service users by communicating effectively & being involved in their day to day activities and personal needs I may also write their daily reports in deep detail. I read and sign all the service users care plans to ensure I can provide the correct and safest care. Bvii Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by: a). Following best practice within your work role; As a guidance to follow the best practice I use the Codes of Practice and Care Quality Commission`s outcomes from which I can learn more to improve my practice. Every time I care for a patient my goal is to provide a high standard of care or to make all the effort to do it even when is not possible. I try to smile and make a difference for the patient applying person-centred approach care. I know is not always possible to apply the person-centred approach but I make every effort to do it and when the patient is satisfied with the care has been received is a feel better. I know a care assistance can make a huge difference in the care of the patient and always the care assistant is the bridge between the patient-nurse-doctors and family as is more in direct contact with the patient. Always I try to use what I learn from my mistakes, training, colleagues and the outcomes of the organisations as CQC and the commission bodies which regulate the National Health Care. To enumerate the duties I have
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