Cu2942 - Promote Professional Development

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UNIT CU2942 PROMOTE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Understand principles of professional development 1.1 – Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Within my professional role as a Health and Social Care Trainer, I have a responsibility to engage in continual professional development. I must continually improve my knowledge so I have the skills to pass on to our social care workers and other staff members. I need to know what I am aiming for and what I need to do to meet my objectives. I need to be a positive role model to all staff members. Working in the Health and Social Care industry I think the most important thing is the service users and our health and social care workers and their happiness. The more I reflect and enhance my own knowledge the more effective the learning and training will be. We also have to take responsibility for our own behaviour on people that we manage and train and encourage them to show positive behaviour too. 1.2 – Analyse potential barriers to professional development There are a number of barriers within my role. Once the barriers have been identified I should look to overcome these. Barriers can be overcome and this can improve my skills and knowledge. These are the barriers that I am likely to face: • Not enough funding to access training • Training courses being cancelled • Not enough time • Language barriers • Some learners think they know it all so don’t understand why they have to do refresher training • Social and personal barriers, where some people cannot attend due to not having child care or appointments may clash with training • Health issues. There are times we have to change dates for learners due to having previous appointments or they have unexpected personal problems so we rebook for them to attend on the next available training course. These
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