Hcs 525 Interdisciplinary Relationships

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Interdisciplinary Relationships GGGGGG HCS 525 September 22, 2014 Professor Steven Miracle Interdisciplinary Relationships “There is a growing consensus that the basic education for all professionals should include the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to participate effectively in interdisciplinary teams, and that health care organizations should continue this education in the practice setting" (Ponte, et.al., 2010, p. 160). The effective collaboration of interdisciplinary departments is crucial to the sustainability of the organization. The true power behind interdisciplinary relationships is their ability to communicate collective cultures and ideas into one strong concept. The purpose of this paper is to present the interdisciplinary relationship between patient financial services and the marketing departments within a supportive living environment. The relationship will be examined for in regards to conflict avoidance, how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments, and ways to improve the process. The effect of interdisciplinary relationships on the organization, patients, and stakeholders will be presented. Collaboration for Quality Outcomes “Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and cooperatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care” (Jennings, 2008, p. 5). Health care organizations are dependent upon the effective communication amongst the departments to ensure organizational objectives are being met. Long term care environments employ a multidisciplinary approach to resident care plans to ensure their needs are being met. To tailor the needs of the individual the disciplines must be able to communicate effectively and perceive conflicts as improvement opportunities. They

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