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The history for the future (of nursing)
Julie Fairman, 2012,’History for the future (of nursing)’, Nursing history review, vol.20, pp10-13
A report released in 2010 by the Institute of Medicine was to be used as a plan for the future of nursing profession. Julie Fairman (2012) a nursing historian set on the future of nursing committee and used her expertise as contribution to the committee. Because as a nursing historian Julie Fairman (2012) had a particular viewpoint and knowledge of the circumstances that led to certain developments in nursing. For example the knowledge of studies that had been done about nursing profession. And how all the studies had been influenced by politics of the time. The future of nursing study was done in the same manner as the other studies and some groups in the society who influenced the studies made their reports according to how they valued nursing work.
The report showed similarities with the last major study on nursing that was done by IOM in 1983 that nurses need to be well educated and remove barriers to nursing practices. The circumstances in the past and circumstances in future that we cannot predict shape how nursing work is done and defines what it means to patients. Because the values and responsibilities of nurses is shaped by history the report was based on this idea, and was developed as a historical evidence grounded modern data.
History shows evidence of what nurses can achieve, like how nurses were the founders of community health practices. History also helps in arguing about major policy issues. For example if nurses are allowed to participate as leaders and valued clinicians only will better, quality and easy health access can be achieved. Nursing historians are important to give advice on policy matters, so that all the interested parties can achieve the same goal and better patient care.
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