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Harvey Firestone Harvey Samuel Firestone was most known for being the businessman who started the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. A great fact about this business is that it lasted over two wars and the Great Depression. While many businesses were failing, this business stayed afloat and thrived. He survived due to his leading innovations and integration strategies. Harvey Firestone was born in Ohio on December 20th, 1838. Even though his parents were just farmers, they encouraged him to get a high school diploma and even go off to college. He completed college courses in Cleveland specializing in business. He then went off to work as a bookkeeper. One of his first jobs was working at the Columbiana Buggy Company with his uncle. This started his career in the tire and rubber business. Harvey Firestone was soon in charge of the Michigan district by 1892. When the company bankrupted in 1896, Firestone decided to make his own rubber wheels company in Chicago. This started his business owning, when a friend’s investment helped him. He needed money for a patent for his attaching rubber tires to wheels, so in turn he ended up selling the company in 1899 for $40,000. Firestone ended up moving back to Ohio after this. Akron, Ohio was known as the center of rubber tire manufacturing. And that’s where Firestone ended up stabling the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. At first, Harvey Firestone’s business did not do so well, even had others make his tires. Eventually in 1903, they improved the tires performance and began to make their own products. When catering to the needs of the automobile industry, Firestone caught the attention of Henry Ford in 1906. Firestone and Ford created a business relationship when Ford placed a large order for tires for his automobiles. This partnership would last for many years. A great innovation and product that Harvey Firestone came out

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