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Biography of Allan Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton’s History 7/24/2011 Axia College Debbie Dennis Allan J. Pinkerton was born in Glasgow, Scotland on August 25, 1819 and died in Chicago, Illinois on July 1, 1884 at the age of 64. He was the son of a police sergeant that was disabled due to work related injuries. Pinkerton began to work as an apprentice barrel maker to support the family, but a short while later joined a political group (Chartist Movement) dedicated to improve work conditions for the poor. On the run, Pinkerton at the age of 28, and his new bride of only one day fled to Canada in 1842, where a shipwreck off the coast of Nova Scotia left them without any means supporting themselves. He then for a year began to work as cooper for a brewery in Chicago, though still dreaming of starting his own business. Residing now in Dundee, a small rural settlement, Pinkerton out looking for wood for barrels ran into a group of counterfeiters. Pinkerton immediately notified local authorities of his recent find and provided details of their location. This is to be considered…show more content…
During this time the railroad was known to be the only means of transporting gold and other valuable shipments. In 1858, Capt. McClellan that in his career led the North Army requested the help of Pinkerton to investigate the theft of wines and small sundry thefts of beggars which happened along the railroads. In 1861, there were rumors that President Elect Lincoln would be assassinated while passing through Baltimore transferring from one train to another. One of Pinkerton’s most trusted men along with other operatives were setup in various locations along the route to protect him while traveling to his inauguration. The unsuccessful attempt on President Elect Lincolns life and safe arrival gained Pinkerton National and International

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