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Allan Pinkerton Biography Enchandrel Malone CJ/250 January 7, 2012 Patrick Coughlin, JD Allan Pinkerton Biography Allan was born August 25, 1819 in Gorbals Glasgow, Scotland to William Pinkerton and Isobel McQueen. (Allan Pinkerton.2002) Allan’s father was a handloom weaver who later worked as a jailer in Glasgow. (Hunt, 2009) When Pinkerton was 10 his father died while on duty. As Allan became older he learned a trade through apprenticeship, where he became a cooper and made barrels for a living. At the age of 23 he became active in the British Chartist Movement. This was a political group called Chartists that believed in temperance, women rights,…show more content…
In 1860 Allan learned that there was a plot to assassinate President Lincoln on his way to the inauguration in Baltimore Allan told President Lincoln and escorted Lincoln to the inauguration by rerouting the train. (Hunt, 2009) President Lincoln and George McClellan had a significant impact on the career of Allan. Lincoln and McClellan hired Allan as a secret service agent where he did most work by himself as Major E.J. Allan His greatest capture was a confederate spy network leader name Rose Greenhow. (Hunt,…show more content…
The Pinkerton’s responded to the Homestead strike on July1892 as well as the Pullman strike in 1894(Clifford, 2004) Allan’s bravery and constant fight to capture the dishonest people had an impact on the private and security industry world today. The things Allan Pinkerton created is still portrayed in today’s time, such as communication through writing reports, cannot question a person under the influence, Allan also introduced the technology of photography (Hunt, 2009) by creating mug books of wanted criminals. In 1908 The FBI was created (Hunt, 2009) and was organized by using Allan Pinkerton’s model this is believed that this is where the FBI got the idea of creating the 10 most wanted

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