Cjs-250 Biography of Allen Pinkerton

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Biography of Allen Pinkerton Name CJS/250 Date Professor Biography of Allan Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton was born in 1819, in Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland. At the age of 23, he emigrated to the United Stated, in 1842 ("Allen Pinkerton. Biography", 2012). Once settle in Dundee, Illinois, Pinkerton became the first detective to be appointed in Chicago that formed the North-Western Police Agency assisted by attorney Edward Rucker, which later became Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which exist today but known as Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations ("Allen Pinkerton. Biography", 2012). Mark with the slogan, “We never sleep” his agency was responsible for solving several train car robberies in the 1950’s, during the time the United States had expanded it’s rail transportation system ("Allen Pinkerton. Biography", 2012). Pinkerton developed several investigative techniques such as according to "Allen Pinkerton. Biography" (2012), “shadowing” and according to "Allen Pinkerton. Biography" (2012), “undercover work”, shadowing being a form of knowing how to follow someone without being noticed and undercover work, being able to play role as an officer. In 1861, he was appointed head of the Union Intelligence Service; his agency is responsible for unfolding an attempt to assassinate Abraham Lincoln while in route to the inauguration ("Allen Pinkerton. Biography", 2012). During the Civil War, Pinkerton worked as a undercover agent in the Confederate army that gathered intelligence for the military. After the Civil War, he assumed his career in search of train robberies with infamous hunts for the Reno Gang and the infamous Jesse James ("American'S Story", n.d.). Although, Pinkerton was not responsible for the capture of Jesse James, which he was contracted by the railroad express, once he
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