Cause And Effect Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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Effect of The Lincoln Assassination America has gone through many hard times since the day it first became a nation. Its ability to adapt is what allowed it to survive and prosper into the great county it is today. Throughout its history as a nation the U.S has been able to bring something good from the worse situations. One of the greatest good that came from perhaps one of the greatest tragedies is the creation of the secret service after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. The conspiracy behind this assassination was so great that it set the precedent for the future of presidential security and changed the nation forever. On April 3, 1865 Union general Grant captured Richmond Virginia from Robert E. Lee which…show more content…
However, “during the evening of the same day President Lincoln established the Secret Service” (Inside the White House). Thus the Secret Service was created, however “the duties of the Secret Service did not, at first, include protecting the president. The job of the Secret Service agent was to fight crimes of counterfeiting (the printing and spending of phony money)” (Junior Secret Service Program). Lincoln death trigger the realization of many other problems that where currently occurring in the nation. “It was the first time in our nation's history that a President had been assassinated. As cries from citizens rang out, Congress began to think about adding Presidential protection to the list of duties performed by the Secret Service” (Inside the White House) however this would have to wait. “In 1865, up to one-half of all the paper money in America was counterfeit” ( US Government Info) so the idea of a Secret service as a organization dedicated to fixing this problem was put forth. After about three months of getting through the red tape and deciding the duties of this new group, “on July 5, 1865, Congress created the US Secret Service under the Treasury Department -- to stop the counterfeiting” ( US Government Info). The success of this organization was amazing and the Secret Service began to make a name for its self. In fact it was so successful that by…show more content…
It remained this way for about thirty five to thirty six year until in “1901 when William McKinley became the third President killed in office, for Congress to unofficially assign the task of protecting the new President, Theodore Roosevelt, to the Secret Service” ( US Government Info). The organization would then continue to protect the president unofficially for five more years until finally, in 1906, Congress passed legislation making presidential protection an official duty of the Secret Service ( US Government Info). Hence the Secret Service we know today was created and a list of duties where established that grew through the years. At first the Secret Services duties where only to protect the “President, First Family, and White House staff” ( US Government Info). However at current their duties also include protecting “the Vice President and family, US foreign diplomatic personnel, former Presidents and their spouses for 10 years after leaving office, and major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and spouses within 120 days of the general elections” ( US Government Info). These are no small task and require a large number of members to accomplish all of these tasks. As of present the “Agency currently employs over 2000 male and female uniformed officers who investigate more than 1,500 threats every year”

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