The Importance Of The Patriot Act

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The Government Stronghold This government we believe and trust in is watching over us on everything we do. From talking on the cell phones, recording every phone call, to knowing what we look up on our personal computers. They look at every email that is sent to us or the ones that we send out. The government has too much power and is getting in our personal life as proven by the actions of the NSA and the Patriot Act. In the beginning the Patriot Act was initially established and thought up by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. After 9/11 America was in a place that they have never been in since the American Revolution, a foreign country attacking upon our people. This made our country very skeptical and fearful of another terrorist attack so the leaders of our country thought about a new act to protect our country from a greater evil. Bush and Cheney started up a covert program where only eight people from the house and senate were allowed to even get in on the act, and that was determined by their power they had and ranking they had in the government. They did not want the American public to even know about it. After it was all said and done ,the act was passed on October 26, 2001(GIVE ME CIVIL LIBERTIES OR GIVE ME...SAFETY? Should the Patriot Act Be Renewed?). In the Patriot Act, there are many sections and articles…show more content…
One of our Army generals, Alexander, said this program threatened 54 terrorist attacks but all in reality it only stopped one. The people in congress do not want to look soft on terrorism so they say nothing about all these underhanded tactics. So the government has been spying on us for many years and not telling us one thing about it. This is treading on our civil liberties while we just sit back and let it happen. (Hedges and Binney on NSA Policy) (The NSA PRISM Surveillance Program in One Minute) (Cooley Law School Patriot Act

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