Cia Ethical Dilemma

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Identify four (4) cross-coded ethical dilemmas facing former CIA Director George Tenet and assess their impact on his leadership abilities. George Tenet was full aware of the complexities involved in accepting the position of Director of the CIA. Mr. Tenet faced numerous ethical dilemmas in directing a large and complex bureaucracy known for its secrecy. Perhaps Mr. Tenet was well educated and knowledgeable in the overall budget forecasting of the CIA but not diverse in the secrecy of its operation. Mr. Tenet faced ethical dilemmas when he became a participant in President George W. Bush’s inner circle. As Tenet became a trusted insider to the Bush national security team and later invited to join the president’s inner circle, he lost focus of his initial duties of directing and rebuilding the agency (Stillman2010). His loyalty to the president and his inner circle became greater than his loyalty to his agency and the CIA’s associates. This caused a double ethical dilemma for Tenet as he was unable to fulfill his duties of director of the CIA and unable to keep his friendship and professional relationship separate. According to Peter Beinart, for a year and a half Tenet and the CIA repeatedly tried to temper the Pentagon and the White House hyping of the Iraq threat (2003). Perhaps if Tenet hadn’t been so patient or friendly with the White House, his voice would have been heard and respected. Additionally, Tenet loyalty to the president and his administration caused him to lose the truth and his responsibility to have the truth heard. He became too involved in the politics of the day and helping the administration use intelligence to justify a decision already made rather than informing them with data to make an informed decision. Instead of having the courage to tell what should be told, he opted to tell the parties what they wanted to hear. His
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