Joseph Mccarthy: The New Phenomenon Of Mccarthyism

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For four years Joseph McCarthy and the new phenomenon of “McCarthyism” swept over America. During this time the American people were getting their constitutional rights walked all over by McCarthy and his followers. Freedom of speech became something of the past, and was quite honestly the start to McCarthy and his treason-ish ways. “McCarthyism” started as an attempt to uncover those communists who were trying to help the Soviets from inside the United States. However, this simple act of trying to track down communists to save the country turned into past experiences our country had already experienced. The new found “McCarthyism” started out as a task to eliminate communist threats in this country, and it ended being much like the witch hunt trials held in 1692. McCarthy let his paranoia get the best of him on the issue of communism and ultimately ruined an entire…show more content…
Eisenhower had no love whatsoever for McCarthy and his plan was to take him down. Though condemning him was not the proper way to approach the disaster McCarthy created, for Eisenhower did not want to upset any of the Republican Party who had jumped on the McCarthy bandwagon. McCarthy helped himself to his own destruction when he began publicly condemning the United States Army. This lasted a mere eight weeks before the Army attacked back. Overall, “McCarthyism” did nothing but hurt the United States. It made the government act like a paranoid schizophrenic for years to come, and ended up wasting time, energy, and effort by the American people that could have been used in some other area of war. McCarthy wasted time with “—the social reforms that were never adopted, the diplomatic initiatives that were not pursued, the workers who were not organized into unions, the books that were not written, and the movies that were never filmed (Schrecker,

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