Reasons For Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control: Why Must The Government Step In? Gun control has always had problems since the 1100s. It was never guaranteed if they were going to fire or jam. During that time period the government was already fighting to have guns taken away from the citizens. Due to the all the issues that the American people were going through, the government came together and wrote the second amendment and put it into act in December of 1791.The constitution was put in writing for a reason. Even with all these mass shootings taking our guns away won’t fix the situation. So why are we having to defend our second amendment now? What has caused this debate to arise once again? The debate never went away, which is why it has come back up again. In the book, Gun Control, Senator Rufus King, of New York, was for gun control in 1790. He stated, “That it was dangerous to put our arms into the hands of the frontier people for their defense, lest they should use them against the United States” (Doeden, 17). The same argument still rings true to today. Some Americans still feel that way. The media on television show gun violence on a daily basis. In the book, Gun Violence, Bob Herbert said, “This is an insanely violent society, and the worst of that violence is made insanely easy by the widespread availability…show more content…
Professor Gary Mauser, who teaches at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University, disagrees. Mauser said, “When people decide to commit suicide, they naturally choose a method that will accomplish their goals. Since guns are not uniquely more lethal than alternative methods i.e. hanging – one would expect that removing firearms would not eliminate other effective alternatives and that is what is observed.(Kates 64)” Guns are not the only way to self-inflict wounds. If someone already has their mind set to kill themself then they will find a way to do
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