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With Every Drop of Blood The name of the book I read was called, “With Every Drop of Blood,” by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. It has 236 pages… The main character or protagonist is Johnny and Cush. They are because they get the most page time. It takes place mostly in Johnny’s point of view. The antagonist of the book is just the war and the contention is causes. It takes place during the revolutionary war. The historical accuracy in the book is accurate because it says so in the back of the book. The conflict in this story is mostly man vs. man because Johnny gets captured by Cush. Also it is man vs. society because of the whole war going on. The author created suspense when at the end the soldiers were going to take Cush away and Johnny told them that the war was over and luckily let him go. I inferred that Cush and Johnny would become friends because whenever two…show more content…
He gets captured by a Yankee named Cush and is now taking orders from a runaway slave. He also might have endangered his family. Now he will have to try to be safe in the war while taking orders from a Yankee. The book is based on the Gettysburg Address. Most of the book is based on slavery and how the blacks are fighting for their rights like having as much freedom as whites. I had a couple of connections to the book. A couple of them are book to movie. I have a movie based on the Revolutionary War and this book is during that time too. Another I had was book to self. I have gotten up early in the morning and went outside to be by myself and so has Johnny. The last one I have was book to world. In the book the Revolutionary war is taken place and it also took place in real life. I think that the message or the theme the author wanted me to know is that everyone should have the same right and
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