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A Powerful Product Worksheet Revise and edit your argument. Then paste your entire final draft in the space below. Did you know that the confederate battle flag is commonly mistaken for the confederate’s first national flag? The confederate battle flag is not based on slavery and racism it is mistaken for these claims because of the side the south was proclaiming on the slavery issue. The reason people may think that it’s a symbol of slavery and racism is because of the south’s side of the slavery issue during the war that was so brutal towards US history. Whose side will you choose Slavery symbolism or just a piece of Southern heritage? The confederate battle flag is a symbol of slavery. No it is not, it is a flag that shows southern heritage. for example look at the American flag it flew over a slave country for 86 years the confederates flag only 4 years. If any flag shows a symbol for slavery it is the American flag but it still isn't banned. Should we ban the American flag because of its history? Or should we ban a flag that was only over a slave written country for 4 years?The confederate battle flag is based on racism. No it isn't it was a battle flag that was even flown by African Americans during ,and even after the war. The Klu Klux Klan is the most known racist group in American history, they never flew this flag they only flew the American flag. The confederate battle flag is not a symbol of slavery. This is true 90% of confederate soldiers did not own slaves. The stars and stripes flag flew over slave ships and flew over a slavery written country for over 86 years. The confederate flag was only over slave written states for 4 years. How is this a symbol of slavery when the stars and stripes was over it for 86?…show more content…
It represented patriots who fought for this country and wanted it to remain how the founders intended. Racism slavery southern heritage? You decide the choice is in your
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