The Civil Isnt Tragic Summary

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Tiffany Spencer February 23, 2012 ENC 1101, Sec.13 The Civil War Isn’t Tragic Objective Summary In the article, “The Civil War Isn’t Tragic” the author argues that the Civil War wasn’t tragic. We as people don’t look at the other important wars in U.S history as tragic. He states that “Twenty-two thousand people died in the Revolutionary War, and we celebrate with hotdogs and hamburgers every year”. People also don’t realize that it took courage, hope and fight to overcome the horrible WWII/Holocaust. The Revolutionary War and the Holocaust were both seen as wars of liberation. Not many people took into consideration of how tragic the Holocaust was. The author also argues that the most important facts we as people of the U.S. should look into are the south’s motives for the Civil War. Slavery was a necessity; it was a natural minority for blacks. It was a means of social organization and control; it was technically like a foundation of a Southern white male free society; it was the new government. The cornerstone speech states “The day you make a soldier of them is the beginning of the end of Revolution. This was saying that if slaves can be soldiers, then we have been fighting for nothing. The Civil War boils down to a group of oppressed people resisting that oppression. Not really a sudden violence, but 250 years of existential, endless and constant violence. Blacks being sold off, families being separated, children being threatened. The author ends his argument with saying that the Civil War was a revolution that ended slavery which is not
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