Using Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Adress, Your Own Knowledge and Other Sources Anaylse the Causes of the Civil War

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The Civil War was a fight to defend a way of life. The issue of uniting was fundamental to the survival of American democracy. The two different opinions on how the Union should be governed shaped America in a way that would have great effect on the states, this brought about Sectionalism between the North and South. The major reason of the conflict between the North and South were their different views on slavery and the treatment of the African Americans during the Mid-19th Century. This wasn’t the only trigger to cause the Civil War another encountering component of this war was the economic, social and political differences between the North and South. The Gettysburg address, a short yet powerful speech that was spoken by Abraham Lincoln on the battlefield of Gettysburg on 19th November 1863. His speech expresses his views on the matters that America was faced with and how it tested the strength of the Union. The social structures in the Southern states were very different to how the Northern states depicted the way of life, treatment and equality of civilians. In the Southern states, African Americans were treated as chattel and in their views it was a necessity as it had existed for hundreds of years. The North and South established a vast different view on the political structure on how there states should be governed. Both the North and South wanted different political and economic values that were going to favour in their needs. The Southerners had their beliefs that the individual states had the right to nullify any law the Federal government had decided to pass. In particular, they also believed that individual states had the right to leave the United States and form their own independent country. Despite on what they South viewed has having the right to nullify, most people in the North believed that the concepts of nullification and "states'
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