Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Book Review Essay

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Sarah Davis HIS 101 MWF @ 9 AM November 24, 2010 Book Review Douglass, Fredrick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. New York: Barns & Noble, 1942. 125 Pages. Print. EAC Library Call Number: 305.896 DOUGLASS 2009 Frederick Douglass wrote The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass an American Slave to tell how slavery not only impacted his life but the lives of everyone in his era. His book really centers on the trials he had to face as a slave, and about his journey fighting against the discriminating thoughts against him, by not only others, but by himself. Douglass, while learning to fight against his personal demons, he learns that the only way to become a truly free man is to become and an educated man. Frederick Douglass fights for his own rights in a way that makes bigger impact then violence and changed many peoples view on slavery. Douglass begins by telling us about his childhood and his first experiences with slavery. From a very young age Douglass is upset with the fact that he is not allowed to know his birthday but all the white boys knows theirs. He…show more content…
After reading this book his hated for his masters grew and consumed him. He began to regret his knowledge and lost all hope for humanity. He began to realize that discrimination was not only susceptible to the whites, but anyone. There were two main reasons Frederick found hope again. One was his interest in the word “abolitionist.” He learned that there were some fighting for antislavery, and hoped he could one day be part of it. The second was when we helped two Irish men at the ship yard. They told him of stories of slave escaping to freedom and told him he should try as well. Although he did not trust them, it sparked the idea that he should. These regained his hope for freedom and the knowledge of the despair that comes with discrimination and

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