Pros of Rfid Systems and Drones

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Pros of RFID Systems: Even though there is a huge controversy over the use of RFID systems and how they can violate privacy, police have many reasons to use them. RFID systems have been in use since the early 1900s when Guglielmo Marconi first transmitted radio signals across the Atlantic, since then it has been a way to communicate important messages throughout the world. Using RFID systems allows the police to identify stolen property with hopes of returning said items to the owner. The Low jack system enables officers to identify stolen cars and find them in a matter of time to ensure that they were not used in certain crimes. It also helps the officers find possible missing people who could have been abducted in their cars. Using the RFID tags would be done in concern with the rights and privacy of the individual. RFID systems are starting to become popular in stores to help track what clothes are being bought, what televisions and computers are being sold. Often these items lose their barcodes or identification numbers, but when it is equipped with RFID systems it is easier to locate where the item is at. RFID is also commonly used to help people who have lost their dogs, those are known as microchips. Having RFID chips will allow officers to keep track of people’s large bank accounts to help protect them if something were to happen. This is a great idea since hackers are generally on the prowl for an excessive amount of money within a home or in bank accounts. Pros of Drone Technology: Drone surveillance has become a popular use for not only police forces, but for fire departments as well. Drones became noticeable when it came to helping locate and target Osama bin Laden’s compound. Drones are now starting to become a demand in public air space. Certain open highways are patrolled by drones to help catch the people who are speeding down the highway. It is
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