New Police Technology

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The Newest Law Enforcement Technology Have you ever thought that law enforcement would need technology? A lot of people wonder how the law enforcement knows their whereabouts. Well the law enforcement has numerous of new technology that they use to solve a lot of cases. This world wouldn’t be nothing without the help of technology. Technology has bought many things and made some lives easier. The law enforcement officers have been benefited by this new technology. The technology makes a law enforcement officer job much easier. Once upon a time they officers only could rely on themselves. It was times where a suspect became very violent and the officers had nothing to solve the issue. They started to use stun guns and Tasers. A lot of officers try to refrain from Tasers because of the bruises it leaves on a person. They have come up with some great pieces of technology. You cannot out beat the new law enforcement technologies. I watch a lot of criminals show, and I’m always trying to figure out how they are finding out the information. I always thought they were just a group of intelligent individuals, but it’s the technology. If you don’t know about the new technology it will be my pleasure to inform you in the next few paragraphs. The Enclosed Space Protection System and the High Definition Surveying are two new technologies that law enforcement is using. These two new technologies are needed to help the law enforcement officer’s crackdown on the criminals. The law enforcement officers used to use the old batons, but they were starting to abuse people. Since the new technology has been invented the officers shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. The ESDS was developed in Oak Ridge. This new device detects an unauthorized person from entering or exiting an restricted area. This device can identify a hidden person that’s hiding in a trunk or
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