Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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Introduction Despite the risks associated with driving, some motorists choose to increase those risks by choosing to talk or text on their cell phone. Research is beginning to show use of cellular devices is resulting in distractions which lead to some unsafe and at times, deadly results. The opportunities that arise from making a call, texting someone, listening to music, or searching the internet are just some of the countless distractions that come with cell phones and driving. Cell phone use combined with driving is the recipe for dangerous distractions. To avoid these potential deadly results, drivers need to understand them, parents need to prepare youth to avoid them, and legislators need to implement laws to create safer roadways. Statistics show The social lives of today’s public spectrum seems to revolve around use of their cell phones as a growing number of people give up their landline and exclusively utilize their cell phone in replacement. Drivers need to understand that the growing popularity of the cell phone coupled with the task of driving a motor vehicle proves to be a dangerous and at times a fatal combination for both adults and teenagers. Cellular phones have provided the public a way to communicate frequently and relatively inexpensively. However, this also proves to be a deadly distraction while using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. So far this year in the United States, there has been an estimated amount of over 500,000 crashes involving drivers using cell phones and texting. (Council, 2011) With the growing number of electronic devices deployed over the last decade, these new devices provide an even greater opportunity for distraction and growing the risks that are attributed to more and more crashes and fatalities. According to a study conducted at the University of Utah by Professor David Straver, drivers who talk on a
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