Responsibilities Of Different Uniformed Services

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Responsibilities of different uniformed public services In this assignment I will be looking at the main responsibilities of two public services the police and the army. I will also be looking at the performance indicators and what they do on a daily basis. Police The responsibilities of a police officer are often extremely broad. Although their main responsibilities are usually keeping the peace, enforcing the law, protecting the public and property, and the prevention and detection of crimes, officers are usually expected to be able to respond in some fashion to a wide variety of situations that may arise while they are on duty. The actual purpose of the police in theory is to deter crime before it happens. The police are first responders and they are only as effective as there public support. Law enforcements role in the judicial system is to enforce laws. The police's main role is the upkeep of the queen’s peace and to prevent and detect crime. Keeping the peace means providing a presence at known trouble hot spots for example city centres. A police officer will also investigate allegations of any offence that is put before them. They will use good operational knowledge to decipher if the allegations are genuine and if so, they will report the crime and have it investigated. The police also provide high visibility policing to major events like football matches etc in order to prevent incidents of any criminality. Many police services also set local priorities which largely depend on the needs of their particular area for example, the police service in rural may have a very different set of problems from police services in urban areas. Most police services have individual mission statements which are summaries of the aims and each will also have individual organisational objectives that tell the public and government how well a particular police service
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