Statutory Public Services Essay

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Demonstrate how support is provided to citizens by statutory and non-statutory public services. Statutory – The police is a statutory service that has to look after the public, by trying to improve the communities, make sure of citizens safety and serving the public. The police have to be there for us in almost any emergency situation in order to maintain control and prevent any crime. Their purpose is to keep the crime rate as low as possible, help the public in emergency situations and reassure us. The police are there to help by phone, internet or in person. They are there to solve crimes, help the public, and maintain safety and security. The police also have to help individuals within, for example if a person is fearful for their safety, then the police would investigate the matter and reassure them, or if a person has gone missing then the police would do anything in their power to find the missing person. The police are a statutory service because it entitles them in their duties to maintain the safety of the public; they also help to form better communities. The police are required to protect and serve in any dangerous situations and as much as possible. The aims of the police force is to have the crime rate as low The fire service is a very important public service that makes sure that the public is safe. Their main…show more content…
The advice that the bureau provides is free and confidential, so anyone could go and get advice from people that work within the bureau. The bureau concentrates on being diverse, equal and relate to the human rights. This service is very useful for the public, as there is someone always there to talk to you and help out if needed, the service is free so it’s available to anyone, and it is also confidential so nobody has to worry about any of the information being passed
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