Police Officers and the General Population Essay

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“Police Officers and the General Population” Police officers play an integral part in keeping our communities safe, and without them, everyone would sleep less soundly at night. But there are other individuals in our community who have a part in keeping it safe as well. Neighborhood watch members and homeowners who are aware of their neighbors and their neighborhood also play an important part in maintaining the security of our streets. Both are different than one another but together they work hard to protect our communities. Police officers differ from civilians and neighborhood watch members in many ways, though notably in the areas of equipment carried and training. This additional equipment and training give police officers more authority and responsibilities than civilians. Since the police handle community safety as a part of their jobs, civilians should defer to them in all areas of community policing. Civilians and members of the neighborhood watch or volunteer policing agencies may not have the equipment or training that police officers have, but they can still assist law enforcement officials in many ways. The most powerful thing an individual can do to help prevent crime is to be aware of their surroundings and to know what to do in certain situations. Talk with your neighbors, or consider meeting up with your local police department and participating in some of their free programs; your local police will be glad to share crime prevention tips with you. Before meeting with your local authorities, you should compile a list of possible or common crimes in your area and then ask your local authorities how to deal with them. A few simple things can help make your neighborhood safer; Keep an eye on suspicious behavior; Be aware of empty homes; Remind community members how to keep safe, like not going jogging alone or in the dark; Get tips from local

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