Henry Ford: A Pioneer In American History

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Running Head: THE LIFE OF HENRY FORD The Life Henry Ford By: Shayne of Campbell Composition I Instructor: Mr. Cameron Chambers ITT Technical Institute Due: 11-21-2011 Abstract One of the greatest entrepreneurs that change history and help pave the way we live today. This man was Henry Ford. Henry Ford's invention of the automobile change the way we traveled made it necessary for highways. His life's hardships and determination makes him one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs in American history. The creation of Ford Motor Company changed the way businesses were run at that time. His company was the first to use assembly line processing and expanding his company across the world. His business innovations allow him to process…show more content…
He was the first of eight children to prosperous farmers William and Mary Ford. He was born on the family farm just outside of Dearborn, Michigan, then a town just eight miles west of Detroit. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the union, which included twenty-four states, and Jefferson Davis was the President of the eleven states Confederacy. Henry Ford attended a one room school only for eight years (Geldman, 1996). He had little interest in school and never learned to spell or read well. Ford would write with the simplest of sentences. Ford instead preferred working with mechanical objects, particularly watches. Ford repaired his first watch at the age of thirteen and would continue working on watches throughout the rest of his life (Rosenberg, 2010). Ford set off at the age of sixteen to the nearby town of Detroit, Michigan to work as a machinist apprentice during this time he was introduced to the small combustion engine. In 1882, Henry finished his apprenticeship and was a full fledge machinist. After three years he went back home working only part time for Westinghouse Engine Company, which hired him to demonstrate steam engines on nearby farms, and in his spare time he worked at his machine shop he opened on his family's property. During the winter months he would work in his shop building steam engines. Henry believed that machines could be developed to make farming easier. Henry eventually built a small "farm locomotive" a…show more content…
The Company was a success from the beginning. The Ford Motor Company was a threat for the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufactures; which now threatened to put his company out of business, because Ford was not a licensed manufacture. He had been denied a license by this group, which was aimed at protecting its members, profits what was becoming a fast growing industry. Their basis of their power was control of a patent granted in 1895 to George Baldwin Seldon a patent attorney from Rochchester, New York. The Associations claimed that their patent applied to all gasoline powered engines. This pitted the puny Ford Motor Company against an industry worth millions of dollars. Ford hated industrial combinations and eastern powers, also Ford thought Seldons patent was preposterous. Ford said "all inventions were a matter of evolution" (Henry Ford). The court proceeding lasted six years, Ford lost the case in 1909. Ford was determined to put up a fight and appealed the higher courts and finally won his case in 1911. The case gave Ford valuable publicity, with Ford as the underdog by the time the issue was settled, the tables had turned (Allen,

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